Special Employment Centre (CEE)

The Special Employment Centre was created in 2011 with the aim of generating direct employment in a protected environment for people with intellectual disabilities who have followed Fundación Prodis’s academic programmes.

The staff of the Special Employment Centre consists of 80% of professionals with disabilities, all of whom receive labour mediation through the Supported Employment methodology throughout their working hours.

The Special Employment Centre offers goods and services to businesses and individuals, with the highest standards of quality and competitiveness, which, in addition to generating employment for persons with disabilities, allows us to achieve a return that has an impact on the whole Foundation and promotes the recruitment of more people with disabilities.

Currently, the Special Employment Centre has several lines of work: handling and envelope stuffing, industrial packing, document management and digitization, development of promotional gifts, awareness-raising workshops, event host/hostess and assistants service, and social franchises under the Inditex Group’s For & From project.

The contracting of goods and services to Fundación Prodis’s Special Employment Centre, in addition to being a purchase with social impact, counts as an alternative measure to compliance with the General Disability Law.