» People with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Development of training, educational, cultural, sports and leisure activities, with special support and care for children and young people who belong to the most disadvantaged groups.
  • Research and development of educational programs arranged to their needs and ways of learning.
  • Research and development of technologies that assist their integration into society.
  • Creating employment and training centers to reach professional integration.
  • Grant subsidies to defray education, transportation and leisure through personal 

» Teaching professionals

  • Organization those educational activities that are intended to improve the preparedness of teachers.
  • Design and development of training programs for trainers and labor mediators.
  • Promotion of seminars, workshops and conferences on matters related to the objectives of the PRODIS Foundation.

» With other entities that pursue the same goals

  • Support for non-profit entities that have a main objective the training of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Promotion, collaboration and research studies that support the development of intervention programs for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Tasks to attract public and private resources, to achieve the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Defense against the government or any other agency of the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.