1. Economic amount to Prodis, it´s objective is to finance training and work inclusion programs for Young people with intelectual disabilites.

a) “Trainning course for labour inclusion to Young people with intelectual disabilities”. Own Title of UAM, in Patronage of UAM Prodis about Socio labour inclusion of this group.

b) Labour inclusion Service: its objective to give necessary supports to integrate Young people with intelectual disabilities in business ad their adaptation in workplace. Labour mediators of Prodis follow this group during job life.

2. Hiring services throug Prodis.

Special employment centre (In Spanish CEE) is a business that promote socio-labour integration to people with intelectual disabilities. Its main objective is to give a productive, remunerate and appropriate job to this group with different characteristic and to obtain labour inclusion in work environment.

We offer the following services:

Manage. Administrative manage and documental handling.

Handling products.

Digital documents.

Marketing. We offer a range of promotional products and marketing to business, workshop of database, direct marketing.

Promotional gifts: Gifts for business, personal gisfts wit direct printout and sublimation.

Comunication. Digital rotative printout.

Events of integration: Ludic and training tasks.

Tidicaps: Workshops of integration with different abilities.