Royal Decree 364/ 2005, 8 April, regulate the alternative and exceptional compliance of reserve fee in favor of workers with disabilities.

This Expeptional way can surrender in the following cases:

a) The public services, on the hiring agences, aren´t able to answer the employ offer.

b) If the business have special issues, productive, technical or economics that presents troubles to incorpórate this group of people.

The alternative mesures that business can use to regulate the compliance and reserve this kind of employ are the following:

a) Make a business or civil contract with an employment centre or with an autonomous worker with disabilities to supply raw materials, properties of the business and other important properties to development and the activities they do.

b) A business or civil contract with employment center or with an autonomous worker with disabilities to give other services and accessories to business to normal activity.

c) Make donations and monetary patronage actions to develop labour insertion to créate employment to Young people witg disabilities or créate employment in favor this group of people and integration in work environment.

d) Be in a work environment, previous suscription of related contract with special employment centre, a cording with Royal Decree 290/2004, 20 February regulate there mesure to foment in which employment.

For each alternative mesure, there is a series of amounts thar have to be for each worker thar is not hired directly.

– If the option is the Employment Center, the anual Price of hiring have to be at least three times The Public Point of Rent multiple and anual Effects for each worker with disabilities and not hired.

– In 2014 are 22,365,42 euros( three times Spanish IPREM of 7,455,14 euros).

To acomplish the fee of reserve trhoug an alternative mesure its important to request the Exceptional Certificate to Public Employment Services.