• Personal Development

Entertainment Service and Free Time Management Programs

The Entertainment Service is aimed at young people with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 14 and 28. This service seeks to enhance autonomy through leisure activities supervised by professionals and volunteers, with the realization of departures, three Saturdays a month. The activities are carried out in groups of friends of around 10 people with the accompaniment of 2 monitors. In addition to these weekend trips, the Leisure Service organises excursions and summer camps.

The main objective of the Free Time Management Program is to create stable bonds of friendship between adults with intellectual disabilities with few support needs. Through this service, entertainment activities are promoted, which promote autonomy and interpersonal relationships, as well as the enjoyment of leisure time. From this approach, the free time management service offers accompaniment and support to people with intellectual disabilities in the design and development of leisure and travel plans throughout the year. The participation of young people in the decision-making of the plans is very active, and it is they who decide the activity to be carried out, the budget allocated or the date of realization.