• Personal Development

Service Integral of Sport and Health

Sports activity is essential for physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, the Prodis Foundation is committed to promoting actions that give people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to enjoy sports activities adapted to their needs, desires and preferences.

At present, the sport service offers various activities:

  • Basketball: this activity is aimed at boys and girls between 13 and 21 years old, and there are two training groups according to the physical and psychic ability levels of the players.

  • Swimming: in Prodis we have a federated swimming team since 2013. We participate in the Autonomic Circuit of FEMADDI, and we do training every week

  • Futsal: this team was federated in 2022 to increase the motivation of the participants. Training is held every week and other teams compete on weekends.

  • Padel: Sports activity started in the course 2023-2024 with a group of young people with great skills in racquet and shovel sports, playing paddle brings benefits both physically and mentally.

All activities take place at the Faustina Valladolid Municipal Sports Centre in the Valdebernardo district.