• Training for employment inclusion

Master in Business and Legal Services

The Master in Business Services, created in 2014, represents the last step of the Prodis Foundation’s employment-oriented higher education project for people with intellectual disabilities.

This programme, with a duration of one academic year, is based on a dual training model, which from the first day integrates non-work placements in different companies, in parallel with academic training, whose content is enriched with the participation of volunteers from collaborating companies, who teach “Master Class” on very diverse topics and close to day in companies.

The classes of the Master are taught is a space donated by the GMP Foundation.

The objectives of the Programme are:

  • Enhance the skills of future employees in companies and train them as specialist technicians.

  • Establish a balance between the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes acquired during their university training period and the requirements of a future job.

  • Open channels of communication between academic activity and business and promote the entrepreneurial vocation of university students.

  • Train young people to perform specialized work, responsibly and effectively, in the different areas and departments of the company.