• Psychosocial Guidance

Senior Program

The aging process of the population with disabilities occurs at an earlier age than in the rest of the general population, and the first signs of cognitive decline appear between the ages of 35 and 40.

The Senior Program is an active aging program aimed at slowing the physical, emotional and cognitive decline of people with intellectual disabilities, favoring the maintenance of their autonomy and integral well-being.

From a therapeutic perspective, the Senior Program intervenes in three fundamental areas:

  • Facilitate the maintenance of personal autonomy by enhancing the performance of basic and instrumental activities of daily life.

  • Monitor health and promote emotional and physical well-being, performing recreational and sports activities.

  • To support families in the improvement of coexistence and family overload before this new stage of life.

The Senior Program seeks to respond to the new support needs of people with intellectual disabilities in a new stage of their lives.