The ways of training and increase sensitivity business that offer Prodis Fundation are the following:

Round Table in UAM or in business: The main objective is to publish training labor inclusion programs of Prodis Fundation as well as to share students and workers with intellectual disabilities proofs and also proofs of entrepreneurs that have already hired.

In this meeting we give way to entrepreneurs about how hire a worker with intellectual disabilities in their business.

Workdays in business: Design a workplace, give patterns to favor labor inclusion to people with different abilities following a support methodology ,etc.

Give lectures on sensitivity that take place in business a few days before the integration into the workforce. The objective is to make easy the inclusion of this special worker.

We help to develop the mediator labor role, support job methodology, prepare tasks that future worker have to do, provide support people and the most important; how is the person, the future worker that is going to become part of business and think about aspects that the worker will need more supports.