PRODIS foundation, after several year´s experience with PROMENTOR programme, offers the possibility to improve this experience with a new training programme. Its final object is to provide the students with a pre-universitary education in order to enhance their experience at the University.

Following this idea, PRODIS foundation created AVANZAS programme in 2013, designing a pre-universitary course for a least one year duration in which the young people with intellectual disabilities can achieve a greater maturity and a solid base in the use of the new technologies. The Programme is imparted in PRODIS foundation head office.

Young people with intellectual disabilities received a generalist and humanist education, focusing on an individual support methodology. In addition, the students carry out their first contact with the university environment, sharing different activities with their future classmates facilitating the adaptation for the next formative stage.

The programme not only has theoretical training, but also a Practicum carried out in the CEE PRODIS for 4 weeks full time training in different departments.

Main aspects

Person- centred approach

Provide personal and professional competences to improve the personal maturity

Fully equipped with highly qualified human and material resources.


  • Use of the computer in most of the subjects
  • Supporting with a didactic material adapted of the individual students needs.
  • Working with practical cases and with multiple activities in the classroom and at home.
  • Use of a digital platform in which the student can find the didactic material and activities.
  • The subjects are tough by recognised teachers from PRODIS foundation and experts from different