The Promentorprogramme emerges in 2005 on the initiative of professionals from Prodis Foundation and teachers from University Autonomous of Madrid( UAM)with the following objectives:

1. Collaborate with people with intellectual disabilities in the design of their life projects through individualized plans based on the methodology of Person Centered Planning (PCP)

2. Provide job training, tailored to personal differences, to enable them to labour inclusion in general business.

3. Provide Employment continued service supported, to promote equal opportunities in the introduction, maintenance and promotion of the job.

4. Provide training throughout life for workers exercising their right to work in ordinary business.

5. Provide the necessary support for workers with intellectual disabilities to enjoy their free time andparticipate as full members of their community.

His first action was the introduction of the course “Training for labor inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities” at UAM. Over the next four years the program is subjected to various competitive research projects funded by the Community of Madrid it evaluates its effectiveness and improvement indicators offered.

In 2009 the course “Training for Labor Inclusion” is recognized by the UAM as Own Title, it’s the only qualification of such features in our country. In February 2010 the UAM provides a Chair of Sponsorship of the Prodis Foundation, sponsor of Promentor program for his work in favor of research into social inclusion of people with  intellectual disabilities. In June 2013 the seventh promotion graduates and so far, among the seven promotions, employability an index of 92%.

All students have graduated from this course go to Programme “Supported Employment” from the Prodis Foundation, which provides the necessary support to enter the labor market. Likewise, workers continue their training at the UAM through the training program throughout life: “Updating and improving socio-labor skills”.