The Prodis Foundation created the Leisure Club in October 2004. Since then, regularly organized leisure activities for children and young people aged between 12 and 22 years. In many cases the Prodis Foundation has awarded full or partial scholarships so that more children and youth can participate.


Children and young people with intellectual disabilities have difficulties to enjoy a quality free time and entertainment. This is due to the difficulties of integration, the need for specialized support, sometimes to the adequacy of facilities and, in many cases to the lack of economic resources of families.

The entertainment program is conducted from the Prodis Foundation has the following objectives:

. Provide support organization leisure adapted to the level and age of each group. . .Provide families the break through support at weekends and holiday periods.

. Develop a stable structure programs, training professionals for coexistence and care for people with intellectual disabilities

Weekly departures

150 departures organized for young people with 36 monitors three Saturdays a month during the schoolyear, from October to June. The groups consisting of eight or ten young people, accompanied by 2 monitors, perform activities like going to cinemas, exhibitions, bowling, museums, cafes, libraries, parks, playgrounds, etc.

Quarterly outputs

Weekendexcursions: a tour of quartertwodays.


Celebrated in the month of July, two of them outside Madrid and another city. In total, around one hundred children and youth participate.

Output by invitation companies

Throughout the yearcompanies and institutions invite young people from the Prodis Foundation to different recreational activities or shows they share with their employees where they spend a few hours enjoying each other’scompany.