• Patrons and Team of professionals

Special Employment Centre


The Board of Trustees is the governing, representative and administrative body of the Foundation, which is responsible for fulfilling the foundational purposes and administering the assets and rights that make up the Foundation’s patrimony, while fully maintaining the performance and utility thereof.


Soledad Herreros de Tejada y Luca de Tena

Vice President

Juan Fernández-Armesto Fernández-España


Pedro Enciso Bergé


Juan Puch Orta


Cuatrecasas (Luis Pérez de Ayala Becerril)

Juan Béjar Ochoa

José Antonio Cainzos Fernández

Leticia Iglesias Herráiz

Ignacio Osborne Cologan

María Josefa Peralta Astudillo

Professional Team

Luis Miguel Fernández

Director-General of the Special Employment Centre

Gabriele Dos Anjos

Deputy to the Special Employment Centre

Blanca Ayora Prat

Store Manager For&From

Ana del Pie

Head of Documentary Management

Antonio Valsera

Merchandising manager

Maica Malavé

Responsible for markets and products to individuals

Nati Rueda

Head of workshops and teambuilding

Gonzalo Rodríguez

Responsible for industrial bagging

Rut Rodrigo

Responsible for handling and wrapping