• Prodis Foundation and its Special Employment Centre

Distinguishing Features


At Fundación Prodis we contribute, from an ethical commitment, to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, supporting and promoting their full inclusion in a fair and supportive society. 

Through our Centro Especial de Empleo Prodis (Prodis Special Employment Centre), we provide stable and quality employment for people with disabilities, mainly with intellectual disabilities, in all possible work areas. 


PRODIS strives to be a Foundation that: 

  • Is committed to people with intellectual disabilities. 

  • Seeks excellence in its management. 

  • Is a benchmark as an agent of change towards a fairer and more supportive society. 


  • Dignity and respect. 

  • Justice and equality. 

  • Commitment and responsibility. 

  • Integrity and trust. 

  • Fulfilling life and happiness. 

  • Altruism and solidarity. 

  • Dialogue and freedom of expression. 

  • Openness and innovation. 

  • Passion and enthusiasm. 

  • Cooperation and teamwork. 

  • Quality and ongoing improvement.